[SIETAR MN] Coaching for Intercultural Development

  • February 16, 2021
  • 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Zoom
Does your intercultural work include coaching activities with clients or students? Wondering how the intercultural exercises you currently use can be applied to coaching? Looking at starting and/or growing your coaching business? This session might be a great start for you. Rashmi will lead us in a discussion about coaching tools for intercultural leadership development, how to coach for cross-cultural success, and practice development tips. Join us to learn how coaching is becoming a key component of intercultural competence development.
The session includes:
  1. Intercultural tools for coaching – Explore how tools you are already using may be used for coaching.
  2. How to grow your Intercultural coaching practice - Rashmi will share what has worked for coaches and how to get income that is consistent. Work can be sporadic for intercultural coaches and that can lead to financial stress. We will discuss strategies for consistent income and growth.
  3. Defining your Ideal client - You cannot grow if you do not know who your ideal client is and who you need to focus your energies on.
  4. Marketing strategies for Business growth - LinkedIn sales Navigator, Facebook, Google ads. Let us find out what works and how to use social media to grow your business!
  5. Goal Setting for Business growth - SMART goals are crucial for your business success. We will create goals that are meaningful and you are motivated to achieve.
  6. Next steps to get started - Create a plan for 2021 and get started today.
Dr. Rashmi Kapse, Ph.D., 

Dr. Rashmi Kapse is an ICF-certified global executive coach, experienced intercultural coach and FocalPoint-certified business coach with over 22 years of experience
As an executive coach to senior leaders, she coaches senior management during transitions after Mergers and Acquisitions to help them strategize, focus, improve productivity, manage employee expectation, have a dialogue with their employees to reduce ambiguity and set expectations leading to a clear path to success
As an entrepreneur she runs a cultural coaching and consulting company that serves organizations venturing into the Asian market and for Asian organizations making acquisitions in Europe, USA and Canada.
She has worked with hundreds of leaders and business owners to help them and their companies grow. She has coached and mentored CEOs of several early-stage tech-enabled social enterprises.
She works with small and medium size companies to help them grow. She conducts programs for team building, lunch and learns and webinars for inculcating the growth mindset.
Rashmi serves on the Board of Directors at Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research-SIETAR USA). As a Mentor to AISEA (https://www.aisea.co/mentors), an organization that helps early-stage tech enabled social enterprises, Rashmi coaches the Founders and CEOs of the start-ups in Healthcare, Education and Agriculture.

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